Two years ago, our ambitious team of data scientists, engineers and visualisation experts set out to tackle the challenging problem of interconnecting the entire universe of research. Using this incredibly powerful knowledge graph, we aimed to provide breakthrough insights about the past and present of research, and by applying predictive techniques we sought to outline the future of research at a global scale. Using big data analytics, machine learning and artificial intelligence, our team worked determinedly for two years piecing together the world’s most comprehensive and continuously updating knowledge graph.

Today, we are excited to introduce, along with an early preview of its capabilities. As of today, contains 2.7 billion factual data points, interconnected with 78 million publications, 700 million citations, 50 million researchers, $700 billion in research funding, 60,000 journals, 50,000 institutions, 289 million concepts and 150 terabytes of web crawl data, continuously increasing as it monitors the global research activity in real-time.

Our goal is to utilise this powerful research graph, representing the collective knowledge of human civilisation to answer the most fundamental questions for researchers, research institutions, publishers, funding organisations, businesses and governments – explore the extensive range of questions addressed by our team on the website. will soon be launched to public. To demonstrate a fraction of endless possibilities enabled by, we are revealing a small part of the graph as a dashboard, that will be continuously updated and will serve as a public resource – you can read all about it here.

Prior to our launch, we will be giving an early preview of to a limited numbers of researchers, research groups, universities, organisations, funding bodies, publishers and government agencies. Individuals can sign up for an early preview on to get an insight into our latest developments. If you are an organisation, reach out to
Sadia Shahid, Head of Strategy,
Tahir Mansoori, CEO & Founder,