Information – the cornerstone of Research and Development – can also be quite a handful for a researcher to cope with. The sheer amount of knowledge that exists out there is overwhelming, and as a researcher you’d want it to be stored in a place where it’s easily retrievable and can be effortlessly managed. We realized that easy access and management of raw data while reading and writing your papers was crucial for efficiency and collaboration and colwiz Drive was purpose-built to fulfill these needs and it will continue to evolve.

Now as the world of research becomes more complex, it almost always has to account for one thing – storage. In research, for the most part, the content that needs to be processed into valuable insights and solutions is too much and sometimes, simply put, you run out of space. So in order to improve your research experience a tad, we’re giving away 50% extra Cloud storage, to everyone, for free.

All you need to do is complete the 3 easy steps below:

Complete your Profile Details:a

Completing all details of your research profile online will net you 300MB of extra cloud storage space. If you haven’t completed your profile information already, now would be a good time to do it!

Invite your Colleagues to colwiz:b

Start inviting your colleagues through their email addresses and get 100MB of free storage per successful invite. You can rack up a total of 500MB extra space if you successfully invite enough people.

Integrate your Profile with Facebook:c

Link up your research profile with Facebook and we’ll add another 200MB to your account. You can even use the social features of Facebook to invite your friends through your personal invitation link!

You can view detailed breakdown and more information on increasing your Cloud Storage on the top-right corner of your colwiz online Home screen.

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